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Website Design Services from KSBM

Website Design Services

All of our websites are designed with search engine friendly code right from the start. The search engines can not read the content of a Java website or a simple flat graphic and so you will not appear in any searches if your website is primarily based on these technologies.

We can create a website from your specifications or design to meet your requirements, your clients requirements and the search engines requirements. We use CSS (cascading style sheets) to create the layout and the look of your website and a powerful back-end to handle the processing & functionality of what every you may require.

We can normally create a website within one week depending on the website design complexity, number of pages & functionality. All of our websites will achieve an initial high ranking with the search engines providing a head start to your search engine optimisation campaign should you decide to choose one.

We can provide e-commerce website, online catalogues, content management websites or simple landing pages to capture your visitors information.

Eye Path from a Google Search

Eye Path from a Google Search

Taking pride in our on-site structure to ensure a smooth flow from entry/ landing page through your website to a final call to action. Each step coaxing your prospects further to find out more and gain more trust in your company or product.

Utilising the latest in technology and sales metrics such as the eye path heat map (shown, courtesy of Eye Tools). The latest converting colour schemes as tested by the market leaders and the landing page copy optimised to build trust and authority in your content. We can assure you of a well structured effective website design and monitor your website and SEO campaign through-out the life of your website.

Kent Small Business Marketing will be happy to discuss your needs further, there is no charge for consultations or advice as we know you will be happy with your new website should you choose us.