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Social Media is (as far as we are concerned) any media channel where people share information in a social way, because of the expanse of social media channels such as facebook, twitter, youtube etc. it has become easier for this information flow to be spread across these channels with almost immediate effect and be visible to greater and greater audiences, couple this with the viral effect and it is possible to generate a global phenomenon within weeks, days or even hours.

Twitter want you to tweet away like little birds & share everything, tweet tweet tweet

Word of mouth is still the best recommendation

We all realise the power of a word of mouth recommendation but the true potential comes because people KNOW, LIKE and TRUST what their friends have to say. Nothing has to be proven, there is no cold calling in the land of social media.

Now we probably all have a friend who when we meet them they are constantly telling you about their work life and unless they work for NASA or the CIA this can be pretty boring. Social Media follows the same rules, when entering into a social media campaign always try to remember the 80/20 rule.

That is 80% of your efforts should go towards building a social relationship with your followers, get to know your potential customers on a personal level and build a relationship with them, remember we want them to know, like & trust you.

Only 20% of the interactions you initiate should be geared towards your business or service and turning those relationships that you have built into clients.

Facebook want’s you to be a Fan, of course they do – it’s a different mindset.

Social interaction should be a party

Image you get invited to a BBQ sooner or later you will be talking to somebody that you don’t yet know. If you immediately started telling everyone what you do for a living people will lose interest in you very quickly and the same is true in social media channels.

Now imagine the same BBQ but this time when you meet strangers you ask about their lives, their children, what they do for fun & you share a few jokes with them. Eventually the conversation will come round to what you do for a living, the difference now is when you tell them they will actually listen (providing you don’t spend the rest of the night talking about it). Now the person you have told may never need your services but you can bet your bottom dollar that when they talk to their friends who asks them do you know anyone who can fix my roof, sell me a good car or provide me with a certain service they will think back to the BBQ, think of you and say “well you know what, I met somebody the other day who does that, I’ll give you their number”.

Social Media Marketing has just provided you another lead, potential client and at the very least brand exposure and awareness.

Do you see where you fit in?

Becoming an Expert in your field

By interacting through social media channels you are given the best possible chance of being recognised as an authority in your own market place. When somebody ask a question in your field you can respond to this with your best advice for the situation. Everybody who then ‘likes’ or ‘shares’ this information with their friends spreads the word that you know what you are talking about and you are a trusted source within your field. Surely this is the best source of free advertising you can utilise.

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