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Social Media Marketing is the process of improving brand reach through the various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The facebook login page explains this  in a simple graphic.  Although primarily created for interaction between friends, as we all know there is no better advertising that simple word of mouth.

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Globally facebook has 500 million users (up from 150 Million in January 2009) with 26 million users in Britain, thats more than a third of the population.  There are  30 billion pieces of content shared each month and collectively users spend more than 700 billion minutes a month on facebook.  Thats a whole lot of people talking about a lot, are they talking about your company?

The problem here is that company owners simply don’t have the time to create accounts on all of the many social platforms or research which platforms to use for individual markets.  Neither do they have time to create, develop and interact with their community to build a trusted relationship.

In 2006 YouTube had 100 million views per day and in 2009 the most watched video was viewed 112,486,327 times.  Thirteen Hours of Video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Twitter has over 3 million tweets (shared content) a day and is now included in Google search results which is used 2 billion times a day with an estimated 1 trillion unique URL’s (websites).

Through tried and tested methods we can handle all of your Social Media Marketing from initial research into what people want (and what you can provide) at this very moment to how they are trying to find it.  We can then develop a strategic promotion for your purposes and bring your customers to you via word of mouth and some intuitive Internet Marketing.

Can your website be Found?

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