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42% of users click on the first listing on google, only 3% click on the 10th, Where is your business?

ecommerce marketing solutions using search optimisation

At Kent Small Business Marketing we specialise in getting your product in front of your audience, whats the best way to find your audience, stand in front of them when they are looking for you.

We will provide all keyword research, market demographics & competitor analysis to find the best media channels for your message. Combined with what you already know about your customers and your future marketing plans for your business, we can work together to enhance your market presence and increase your potential customer reach.

Think about this….

Where is your Yellow Pages?, in the back of a cupboard, proping up 3 legged table!

Do you prefer TV channels with less adverts? Do you Fast Forward with Sky+ /Tivo, or do you watch online or make a cuppa. Either way there is no real direct channel to get your message accross using old outdated marketing methods

Do you ever get spam mail through the door – maybe for a new takeaway, think I might need that one day?, put it somewhere never to be found when you need it, so you ring the one you know or you ring 118 or look online.

People use online searches more than any other reference media and with the introduction of mobile searches (smart phones with GPS) & local listings it is now far easier for small business to use the internet as an effective marketing medium.

Make no mistake Google Local Search is big, in the US they have introduce extra features that we do not currently have available to us in the UK – but they’re coming.

It’s hard to be in front of your customers when they need you but a well optimised website can do that night & day 24×365, unmanned, costing you next to nothing. Where else will your customers go?

ecommerce marketing solutions using search optimisation

‘The number of adults who bought or ordered goods or services online within the last 12 months reached 31 million in 2010. These Internet shoppers represented 62 per cent of all adults.’

Office for National Statistics

Having a website is not enough

KSBM ecommerce marketing can get your business back on track

It would be like having the best shop in the world but if nobody can find it it’s never going to make any money or even pay for itself.

Without the traffic through the door of that business or the traffic coming to your website it’s pointless, worse still your spending time and money to maintain it when you should be concentrating on what you do best, your business.

By working closely together we can find a unique market entry point and grow from there to dominate that market for your required selling keywords.


It’s all relative

The relevance of Search Engine Optimisation in Marketing

By understanding the desired keywords that you wish to rank for it is possible to eliminate a lot of unnesessary market competition, increase the potential of turning visitors into customers, increase your insight between customers and visitors and increase your search engine ranking position all at the same time.

With one very distinct goal More Sales!!

We can structure your search optimisation campaign so as to make it possible to monitor the origins of your traffic and their flow through your website to your product & capture pages and through to their eventual exit. With proper website planning and design we can advise on changes to your website to increase sales.

Targeted Markets, Targeted Clients, Targeted Sales

Using demographical statistics obtained by Google and other internet sources it is possible to target your marketing campaigns specifically to your buying customers providing them with better, faster and more efficient service at a fraction of the cost of direct marketing. Kent Small Business Marketing do not do internet marketing, we do marketing on the internet and we understand the difference, using age old tried & tested methods over a new media platform – we get results.

Be found by your customers
Get ahead of your competitors
Rank for a wider range of search terms
Cost effective long term positioning
Measurable results with no fixed term contracts.

What would 40% more customers mean to your business.

Get your message in front of over 10 million people every single day of the week. Inbound marketing is without doubt the most cost effective marketing strategy available to date.

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