Roll Tech

Richard initially wanted a search optimised website for a new venture he was starting up.
We provided him with keyword research into his targeted market along with suggestions as to what we felt would be his best targeting methods.
We supplied web hosting for his new website along with his email system. After publishing Richards website in Feb 2011 he achieved a search ranking of 9th (first page) for his primary longtail keyword which does not appear in the URL structure.
This ranking was achieved with nothing but introductory link building.
Richard has since purchased an SEO pachage and is set to achieve his primary short themed keyword months before expectation.

Google Places

Google Maps search reveals good results as first organic search result for local area, a good start.

Google Web Search

Google Web search for the same term reveals 88,000 competing web pages with the first organic search results being Roll-tech’s Google Places page.

Never underestimate the power of a well optimised google places page

A web page that was created by Google, hosted by Google and is Local & Mobile Ready has got to appear in the search results.
By exploiting what Google tell us we can streamline a web presence to compliment Googles prime directive, to deliver relevance & quality.

About Kent Marketing

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