Kung Fu South East

This website was commissioned by
Sifu Warren Ash

Warren wanted a website that he could maintain himself and use as a portal to share club activities and announcements.
His main website http://wtlifestyle.co.uk was doing ok in the search engine results but wasn’t quite hitting the mark.
By creating this additional outlet channel and tieing it in with his facebook account to booster traffic to his blog and main website his search rankings improved significantly.
Warren has six schools under his regional franchise and wanted to learn some basic SEO techniques that he could implement himself throughout his schools.
Kent Small Business Marketing provided a weekly training session to Warren so he could familiarize himself with the software & processes used in measuring & implementing his own search optimisation campaign.

Working with Darren has not only been highly productive but very educational as well. We managed to get indexed in 6 hours and we are now going from strength to strength.
– Sifu Warren Ash

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