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Richard is the owner of 2 websites that were created by Kent Small Business Marketing and pushed to the top of the searches with our search engine optimisation campaign. This is the transcript of an interview we held with Richard.

So Richard you used KSBM to design your first website & perform the search engine optimisation campaign to get it to a Google first page position in the searches. How was your experience the first time you used us?

I was very pleased with the professional advice given and the design of our website. The optimisation campaign has been sucessful for us as a small business.

Were you surprised with the search optimisation results?

With the advice given and technical support from KSBM we were aware of what we should expect from the optimisation results, which was great!

Were your targets & what is achievable defined at the beginning of the search campaign?


Has the website & associated search optimisation campaign been value for money or would you have expected to pay more/ less for what you received?

We are very happy with the search optimisation campaign and it has been value for money and the costs were clearly defined by KSBM.

Over the Christmas period you broke off the SEO campaign, can you tell us why?

There were several factors, none of which reflect on KSBM@s technical support.

At the same time as stopping your SEO campaign you asked KSBM to build you another website for the commercial sector of your industry. Can you tell us why? Had you been mislead into building a website for the domestic garage door market?

We are looking to expand our business into the commercial sector and looked to KSBM the design a new website alongside our existing domestic sector business.

So when you commissioned KSBM to design your website for Industrial Door Repairs how did this go?

I had some ideas of how the website should look and KSBM were very helpful with this.

How long did it take to have your new website ready for release?

It was very quick, just a matter of days.

Did you also purchase an SEO package with this website?


How long did it take for google to find and index your new website?

Less than 2 weeks

How long did it take for you to start to rank in Google searches?

Less than 2 weeks

Have you received any work from the website?


How long did it take before you received work through KSBMs local
marketing campaign?

Approximately 3 weeks

Has the website/ SEO campaign paid for itself?


Do you continue to earn money from the original website ?


How many leads do you now get through the Internet that you wouldn’t have received without a digital marketing campaign from Kent Small Business Marketing?

5 per week

Why do you think it is that you went back to KSBM for your second website?

We were happy with the original website and service and wouldn’t hesitate to use KSBM again.

How would you reassure KSBMs other potential customers that they need look no further for their digital marketing & search engine optimisation consultancy needs?

The service provided is professional and detailed and the results of the search engine optimisation, for us, speak for themselves.

Lastly, Would you recommend KSBM to your daughter, son or family if they ever needed our services?


How much of next years marketing budget would you put into inbound marketing such as search engine optimisation, social media marketing & digital marketing?


To see Richards websites goto Domestic Garage Door Installations in Kent or Roller Shutter Door Repairs in Kent

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