About KSBM

About Kent Small Business Marketing

About Kent Small Business Marketing

Kent Small Business Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation & Digital Marketing Consultants have achieved top 10 search engine result positions for clients in the markets of ‘SEO’, ‘Internet Traffic’, ‘Property Refurbishments’, ‘Garage Doors’, ‘Building Supplies’ & ‘Industrial Door Repairs”.

Starting in IT in 1988 Darren has enjoyed working around the globe as a Self-employed IT consultant for many of the worlds top businesses such as Credit Suisse Financial Products, Credit Suisse First Boston, The London Stock Exchange, The Bank of Bermuda (HSBC), Centrica (British Gas), Citibank and alike – mainly focused in the financial industry.

Originally specialising in VMS/OpenVMS then more so in Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Darren achieved significant milestones & savings using his understanding of complex IT systems and the people who use them.

Darren has been published in National newspapers and is an active member of many industry related circles, forums & blogs.

Having a good understanding of Small to Medium Enterprise Darren is able to discuss complex industry problems while being understood by non-technical clients in all industry sectors. His ability to communicate at all levels is key in helping his clients help themselves in their own marketing efforts.

Working with Darren has not only been highly productive but very educational as well. We manged to get indexed in 6 hours and we are now going from strength to strength.
Sifu Warren Ash – http://kungfusoutheast.co.uk/

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